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  • Rock and Blues Tuesday from 7pm

    Ewan is Flashfm's Rock and Blues man ,although he likes to keep his options open, so he can play what the hell he likes .

    Ewan fell into the Internet Radio lark about 2 years ago through my wifes mate and just love it.

    "Since my early teens I have been listening to most genres and have grown to love it all.Imagine, if you’re like me and have an eclectic taste in music: I get to play the songs I love, and on top of that I also get to share it with you guys. And, what’s even better, I find others like/enjoy/love it all too. I don’t listen to much radio; I don’t enjoy the blah blah. To me the music is King.

    I’ll give out a little info on the tracks or the artists. And that’s another great aspect to Flashfm - it is run by enthusiasts, paid for by us, so you don’t have to listen to some twat trying to sell you a car or insurance.

    Being well into my 50’s it’s a great “hobby” to have. I totally recommend it. So, why not bung us an email, text or call and join in. I live in Abingdon, which has a great music scene. I’m married and have a hand full of kids, one dog, four hens, and I work for the County Council. So, when I need to chill, I can hide in my music to relax. Years ago I would have never believed anyone if they had foretold that I'd be a Radio DJ. But all it takes is a love of music and the nerve to take that first step. We have a great bunch here at Flash, but could always do more, with more people. Need to know more about me, please ask.

    If you’re not bothered then just sit back and enjoy the music. 90% of what I play won’t be on the BBC, not because it’s bad, but because what I play is not commercially driven. “Loved Music for – Music Lovers” Rock on, Folks Ewan

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